What are nethermind keystore files like node.key.plain, UTC, key.xml?

Several credentials related files are created in keystore directory and in Nethermind directory. What are these files? What happens if removed?

  1. nethermind-data/keystore/node.key.plain
    contains an autogenerated key for the Nethermind client that is used to identify your node and securely exchange data between the peers, can be deleted, will be regenerated again, can be changed via CLI or JsonRpc call
  2. nethermind-data/keystore/UTC–…
    file named after its creation time and wallet address is your wallet key persisted, can be deleted if you have your wallet private key / passphrase backed up somewhere else. It’s needed if you want to sign transactions
  3. Nethermind/key-…xml
    contains key needed to provide secure HTTP communication, a system key persisted, can be deleted

Do not share any of those.

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