Voyager block explorer - feedback and feature requests

Hi everyone!

The Voyager team invites you to share any feedback or feature request in this topic in order to further improve, the first block explorer on StarkNet.

Since the building blocks of block explorers are generally chain-agnostic, we’re open to hearing from anyone who has spent some time browsing block & transactions on any explorer, on any chain. We are of course also open to hearing feedback from hardcore Cairo developers, who use Voyager to consult their magic.

The Nethermind community consists of some of the brightest minds in the space, with years of specific experience. With this topic, we try to leverage this experience by providing an easy way to voice your opinion. Feedback / requests can be as detailed or vague as you want.

Specifically, we’re interested in hearing:

  • Specific feature requests, if you’re into the StarkNet ecosystem or of which you think would benefit Voyager
  • Great UX features you think about or found at other block explorers that we might be able to incorporate
  • Remarks to tweak our current design

All feedback is very much appreciated and will be discussed/prioritized by the team.