Nethermind's Shapella Livestream

We’re inviting you to ring in the Shapella upgrade with us! :drum:

We’ll be hosting a 4-hour livestream with our #DeFi researchers, Core developers, data analysts, and special guests from the ecosystem :point_down: :tada::point_down:

Marius van der Wijden from GoEthereum

Parithosh Jayanthi from the Ethereum Foundation

James Newman from WebN

Collin Myers from Obol

Oisín Kyne from Obol

Andrew Gibb from Twinstake

Sreeram Kannan from Eigenlayer

Tune in to hear about the technical and crypto economic analyses and discussions of the possible implications and impacts of the upcoming #Shapella upgrade, expected this spring!

Keep an eye on the link for updates on the date! More details here :point_down: