Nethermind x Prysm Syncing For Long Time

I am trying to run an Ethereum node using Nethermind execution client and Prysm consensus client. After some time the execution client reaches 100% but when I try to get the current block it returns 0. Even the health UI it says the node is healthy but still syncing. How long will it take to fully sync? I’m using snap sync.
Chain: Ethereum mainnet

Followings are the commands used to run Nethermind and Prysm.

nethermind --JsonRpc.Enabled true --HealthChecks.Enabled true --HealthChecks.UIEnabled true --JsonRpc.JwtSecretFile=…/consensus/jwt.hex --datadir D:/ethereum/data

prysm.bat beacon-chain --checkpoint-sync-url= --execution-endpoint=http://localhost:8551 --jwt-secret=jwt.hex --datadir D:/ethereum/data

Advice me if I should be doing something differently. Thank you in advance.


Sorry for very late response.
For Prysm you should use those flags:


Also you can share some logs from Nethermind side to check what is happening exactly.