Nethermind Online Event Series - India

As the next part of our online event series, we are hosting a live stream event based in India to showcase and teach about the Blockchain ecosystem. Tune in to hear from our talented team members!

The event will be in Hindi and English!

It will be on April 6th @ 6pm IST(GMT+5:30)

Featuring: Rachit Srivastava, Maksimjeet Chowdhary, Ganesh Tiwari, Shebin John, Harshvardhan Todi, Himanshu Agarwal, Tanishk Goyal, and Rohit Ranjan

Here’s a list of the topics we’ll be discussing:
⧫ Transitioning from Web2 to Web3
⧫ Brief overview of Proof of Stake
⧫Running your own Blockchain Node with Nethermind
⧫ Smart Contract Audits: Importance, preparation & procedure
⧫ The path leading us from TradFi to DeFi
⧫ Brief overview of Decentralised Exchanges

⧫ Fundamentals of automated market makers

⧫ Scaling Ethereum with StarkNet ecosystem

We want to inspire students and learners of all ages to join, explore, and develop the various technologies that the blockchain ecosystem offers!

Attached is the invitation link with more info!

See you there!