Nethermind in Seoul

Nethermind will be embarking on a journey to Seoul this week and next! :kr:

Our CEO, Tomasz Kajetan Stańczak; Chief Growth Officer, Antonio Sabado; and Developer/Developer Evangelist, Chee Chyuan Ang, will proudly represent our team at ETH Seoul, StarkSeoul, and BUIDL Asia.

Tomasz Kajetan Stańczak will be speaking at ETHSeoul on June 3rd on ‘Proposers, builders, sequencers in L1, L2, L3 - The world of staking, MEV, and protocol development’ and at BUIDL Asia on June 6th on ‘The future of MEV in Ethereum - MEV Burn, ePBS, SUAVE’
And Chee Chyuan Ang will be presenting ‘Your cheatsheet to Cairo 1’ at STARKSeoul on June 5th!

Meanwhile, at BUIDL Asia, our team will have a booth where we will highlight our smart contract security audit service – a crucial element for businesses in today’s digital world🛡️Smart Contracts Audits - Nethermind — and at STARKSeoul, we’ll showcase our tools designed for the #Starknet ecosystem.

Can’t wait to share all that Nethermind has to offer with the Ethereum community in Seoul!